Create waves with NEONS On The Shore.
Twelve new SUN-sational crèmes and jellies.
81318/1211 - SUN OF A PEACH (Bright Orange CRÈME)
81319/1212 -  SHELL-O (Coral-Pink JELLY)
81320/1213 -  NEON & ON & ON (Pink CRÈME)
81321/1214 -  BOTTOMS UP (Pink-Purple CRÈME)
81322/1215 -  THAT'S SHORE BRIGHT (Purple CRÈME)
81323/1216 -  TOO YACHT TO HANDLE (Blue-Green CRÈME)
81324/1217 -  KEEPIN' IT TEAL (Turquoise JELLY)
81325/1218 -  ISLE SEE YOU LATER (Blue JELLY)
81326/1219 - ARE YOU JELLY? (Purple JELLY)
81327/1220 -  YOU DRIVE ME COCONUTS (Purple Panic JELLY)
81329/1222 -  HEAT INDEX (Hot Pink JELLY)
Available On April 2013
NEONS On The Shore Jelly
6pc JELLY set 
(Includes: Shell-O, Keepin' It Teal, Isle See You Later, Are You Jelly?, You Drive Me Coconuts & Heat Index)

NEONS On The Shore Creme
(Includes: Sun Of A Peach,
Neon & On & On, Bottoms Up, That's Shore Bright,Too Yacht To Handle & Highlight Of My Summer)

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